The Civil Service Pensioners Alliance had been asked by Age NI to help them publicise this survey as an aid to setting up a Pensioners Parliament later in the year. Reaching as many older people as possible and hearing from them would assist them in understanding the issues that are important to us. CSPA would encourage as many of our members as possible to complete the survey and encourage your older friends to do so too.

Please also note the update provided on a Pensioners' Parliament under our new page, National Pensioners' Convention.

As we began to look forward to life after this pandemic, Age NI wanted to hear from older people about what’s important to them now and looking ahead to the future.

They were also planning a Pensioners’ Parliament for later in 2021 and were planning to use this opportunity to reflect the issues of most importance to older people.

The Age NI Lived Experience 2021 survey was to help them prepare for this event by highlighting the issues of most importance and ensuring we raise these with our elected representatives, policy-makers and decision-takers. 

Results of Srvey with older people.

Lived Experience 2021 survey uses a ranking approach to determine what matters most to someone. We ask people to rank, from 1 to 5, the issues that are of most importance to them. One (1) is the most important and five (5) is the least important. The survey is short and should take 5 – 10 minutes to complete.

Age NI are launching the results of their Lived Experience 2021 survey online Via Zoom Wednesday 8 September from 2.30-4pm. These results were collected earlier in the year when we asked older people in Northern Ireland what matters most to them.

This report is important as it will inform Age NI’s manifesto for older people in the next Northern Ireland Assembly elections in 2022.

Attached are pdf and Word versions of the survey – if you prefer, you can print it out to complete and post it back or you can download it and fill in digitally and return by email to [email protected]

Thank you in advance for helping us to reach and hear the views of older people.

If you have any questions, please contact Age NI